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Shapers Image PAPERBOARD Baseball Cap Crown Inserts - for Retailers, Distributors, & Manufacturers

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Our unique Shapers Image Paperboard Baseball Cap Crown Inserts are specially created for Hat and Cap RETAILERS, WHOLESALERS, and DISTRIBUTION COMPANIES for cap display and protection.

For Shaper/Insert Instructions, click this link:  Shapers Image Baseball Cap Crown Insert Instruction Video

The Shapers Image Paperboard Baseball Cap Crown Inserts are an affordable solution to help keep your caps properly displayed on shelves and racks while also protecting them from damage and wear. 

  • Made with sturdy paperboard material, these crown inserts provide essential structural support and stability to baseball hats. They prevent caps from losing their shape, getting crushed, or wrinkled during bulk transport, store display, and customer trying.
  • The paperboard inserts act as a barrier against dirt, sweat, body oils, smells, and other hygiene issues that can affect the caps' condition and shelf appeal. They protect hats and keep them clean, fresh, and ready to wear for potential customers.
  • Specifically designed to fit on the inner front side of the baseball cap, the Shapers Image Paperboard Crown Inserts offer a snug and secure fit that holds and protects the caps. They prevent the crown from sagging, crumpling, wrinkling, and even prematurely deteriorating, ensuring that your hats maintain their pristine condition until they reach the hands of your customers.
  • By using the Shapers Image Paperboard Baseball Cap Crown Inserts, you can minimize the wear and tear of your caps caused by handling and store display. This can help prolong their shelf life, reduce replacement costs, and increase customer satisfaction, which can lead to higher sales and profits for your business.

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