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par Shapers Image, LLC

PAPERBOARD Baseball Cap Crown Inserts for Cap Retailers, Wholesalers, Distribution Companies

Sélectionner Quantity

Our unique Paperboard Crown Inserts specially created for Hat and Cap RETAILERS, WHOLESALERS, and DISTRIBUTION COMPANIES. 

The affordable Paperboard Cap Crown Inserts from Shapers Image® is designed to help your caps stay properly displayed on shelves and racks.  The Shapers Image Paperboard helps protect the hat’s crown shape from usage caused by customers trying on caps, and protecting your customers from sweat and natural body oils, smells, and, let's face it, general hygiene issues of customers.  The PAPERBOARD Cap Crown Inserts also keep the hats from getting dirty caused by the handling and trying hats.  For all these reasons, if you sell caps or hats you want our paperboard Collection to protect your caps/hats from the reality of the environments. 

The Paperboard Crown Style Inserts are to be used on the inner front side of the baseball cap and on most other tall-crowned hats, to hold and protect the caps and keep the crown from sagging, crumpling, wrinkling and even prematurely deteriorating during bulk transport, store display, sampling, and the trying by shoppers.

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