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Shapers Image Premium Sun Hat Shape Enhancer for Storage, Travel, Washing, Drying

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Introducing the Shapers Image Sun Hat Shape Enhancer, a must-have accessory for hat enthusiasts who prioritize style. Our innovative insert elevates your sun hat game, maintaining its perfect shape wherever life leads. Precision crafted from high quality materials, this insert preserves your hat's silhouette during storage, travel, and even washing/drying. Bid farewell to floppy hats and embrace perpetual elegance. This shape enhancer is a game-changer for those who won't compromise on style. Easily slip it into your sun hat for a revolutionary solution that keeps it pristine, whether in your closet or suitcase. Travel confidently, knowing your hat will emerge at your destination as fabulous as when packed. On laundry day, trust our enhancer to maintain your hat's integrity during washing and drying. Don't let your sun hat loose its charm. Invest in the sun hat shape enhancer today and leave a lasting impression wherever the sun takes you. Elevate your hat-wearing experience and ensure every moment in the sun is a stylish one.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for Storage, Travel, Washing and Drying of your Bucket, Sun, Beach, Floppy, Fishing Hats.
  • Innovative Material - Specialized EVA Closed Cell Foam. Unleash advanced cap shaping technology with our proprietary EVA Closed Cell Foam.
  • Effortlessly insert our revolutionary enhancer into your sun hat, ensuring it remains flawless whether stored in your closet or packed snugly in your suitcase. Travel with confidence, reassured that your hat will retain its fabulous shape upon reaching your destination. When laundry day arrives, rely on our enhancer to uphold your hat's integrity throughout the washing and drying process, maintaining its pristine condition.
  • Proudly Made in the USA. Experience quality craftsmanship. Shapers Image products are proudly made in the USA. Support local craftsmanship and enjoy the excellence of American manufacturing.
  • Step into a world where floppy hats are a thing of the past – invest in our enhancer for a timeless and elegant hat silhouette. Precision craftsmanship meets style preservation, making this shape enhancer an essential for those who value both fashion and function.
  • The Shapers Image Floppy Hat Dome Shaper offers unparalleled dual support, ensuring the ideal maintenance for both the Dome and Crown of your Bucket, Sun, Beach, Floppy, and Fishing Hats. Versatile and indispensable, this shaper is crafted to excel in Storage, Travel, and the Washing/Drying processes, making it the ultimate accessory for the care and preservation of your favorite hats. 

For Shaper/Insert Instructions, click this link: Shapers Image Sun Hat Shape Enhancer Instruction Video