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SHAPERS IMAGE® is home to the original HAT SHAPER.

Our team of highly inspired designers carefully curate a collection of Shapers and Inserts that speak to the individuality of each and every one of our HAT customers.

Shapers Image® aims to bring out the shapes and lines of each of YOUR HATS as if carved to your form with the strongest levels of contouring where your hats need it most.

Our Hat Shapers and Inserts are designed to enhance, restore or re-new your hat’s crown and dome shape while prolonging the life of your favourite hats.

With over 45 different styles, the soft, comfortable, secure fit of our Hat Shapers and Inserts are designed to be extremely thin, yet just firm enough, to provide the perfect support for all hats styles from the smallest and softest crowns and domes to the largest and flimsiest hats and caps.

Shapers Image® unique quality Inserts and Shapers are designed to be Breathable, Crack Resistant, Sweat/Moisture Tolerant, Washable, Reusable, Odourless and Long Lasting.

At Shapers Image®, we are passionate about making your hats look great and inspiring the confidence that you will have when you put on your attractively standing and shaped hat.

Inspired Design. Exceptional Quality.

We obsess about making the world’s best Hat Shapers!

Shop our unique styles and collections, and discover the products that make your hats look great again!

The Shapers Image® Team!